Cosmetic Procedures


Implants are made of Titanium, which is placed in the extracted site through a small opening. Once its integrated with the bone tooth is placed on that. From a single tooth to Full mouth replacements can be done with implants. For that we place multiple implants in the upper and lower jaw.

Teeth Veneering & Crowning

Veneers are a coating of ceramic or composite material on the tooth surface to give it the best suited shape, colour and texture. It saves a lot of natural tooth structure as preparation is needed only on the facing surface of the tooth. Crowns provide full covering to the tooth and so needs more reduction compared to veneers. But crowns are more stable and has more durability and strength when compared to veneers.

Missing Teeth Replacement

Sometimes teeth are extracted due to deep caries, Gum infections, accidents or trauma. These teeth are replaced by bridge or Implants. It's always advised to get bridges or implants placed under the supervision of a cosmetic dentist to get the best aesthetic result.

Changing Of Discoloured Metal Crowns, Bridges & Fillings

Acrylic and ceramic coated metal crowns change colour in the course of time. The metal shade is often seen through the ceramic coating especially in the margins. Such crowns will have a lifeless look as it doesn't pass light through it where as natural teeth does. Similarly silver fillings too show through the enamel and the whole tooth looks dark after a few months or years. Today we have metal free crowns and bridges at affordable cost. Metal free crowns merge naturally with the neighbouring teeth in terms of shade and texture. Since they are transparent in nature, it looks like a natural teeth. Similarly we use composite materials instead of existing metal fillings. Opaque cements are used to mask the discolouration caused to the natural teeth. Once polished they look as natural teeth.

Correction Of Irregularly Sized, Shaped Or Positioned Tooth

Mostly this occur as a genetical defect. Bad shaped lateral incisors are the common defect. Defects are also seen in centrals as well as canines and premolars too. These are also managed depending on the defect. Small defects can be corrected using composites where as large problems are done using veneers and crowns.

Correction Of Discoloured & Stained Teeth

Discolouration can happen due to fluorosis, Decay, food habits intrinsic reasons like medication and non vital teeth. Some people have genetically dark yellow teeth. This is also treated depending on the cause. Treatments range from whitening, veneers, composite bonding & crowns.

Correction Of Chipped & Crooked Teeth

Chipping, cracks and breaking of teeth can happen due to various reasons like accidents, assault, unnoticed decay, weak tooth structure or habits like Clenching of teeth, nail biting etc. This problem can be corrected with different treatment options like composites, veneering, crowning etc depending on the case.

Correction Of Protruded & Crooked Teeth

This is a problem of many adults who skipped braces treatment at young ages. Presently they may not be able to wear braces due to various Social & Professional reasons. This problem can be corrected by various methods. Clear aligners is one among them. It can also corrected using cosmetic metal free crowns and veneers. Root canal treatment may be needed to correct extremely misplaced tooth.

Gummy Smile Correction

Unnatural visibility of gums while smiling is considered gummy smile. Gummy Smile can be of different reasons. It can be of excessive gingival tissue, deep labial sulcus or short upper lip. Gummy smile correction is done after analyzing the cause.

Space Closure

There are different types of spacing between teeth. The most common is space between the central teeth. There are also instances where there is generalized spacing between all front teeth or few teeth. These can be corrected in different ways considering the time available, budget and requirements. Composite Bonding, Crowns, Veneers, Clear aligners and Braces are used for this purpose.

Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth in a major cause of concern in the young generation. Due to the food habits, life style and some medications leave their teeth yellow to brown in colour. Teeth whitening is the simple solution for this which can be done in the clinic within an hour. Most of the cases can be treated in one sitting but some extreme cases may need multiple sittings.

Smile Makeover

This is the art of improving your Smile. We often see people who hesitate to laugh in public, they give a tight lipped smile, or smile with hands hiding the face or smile turning away the face. They are not confident about their smile. They may have protruded or irregular teeth, spacing between teeth, decayed or discoloured teeth, broke teeth, missing teeth, gummy smile, discoloured fillings or crowns. Most of these problems can be corrected by simple procedures which can be completed within a few days. It involves one or a combination of the procedures like Cosmetic contouring, Bonding, Teeth whitening, Simple Orthodontics, Implants, Veneers, crowns, Bridges and some simple surgical procedures. There are also another category of people who doesn't know what their problem is, but have a feeling that they can get a better smile. There are also people around us who thinks they have a good smile, but these smiles also can be modified to a beautiful smile with simple corrections in the length, width and visibility of teeth and gums.